Color Coding Adopted In Canadian Hospitals

Remember those uniform blogs we did on Color Coding for Casino Uniforms and Restaurant Uniforms? Well, here is another prime example of the concept being done in the health care industry.  Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance, including the Stratford General Hospital and St. Mary’s Memorial Hospital, both in Canada, have adopted the concept of color coding and suggest other hospitals to follow the trend.  

If you do not remember reading our blogs on Color Coding re-visit them here: Restaurant Uniform Color Coding and Casino Uniform Color Coding).   To read why this particular group of Canadian hospitals have decided to adopt the Color Coding program and why it is beneficial to both the hospital and the patients,  click here!

With the amount of positive input to both the customer (patients, in this case), the employees and the overall establishment, why not consider adopting this concept with your restaurant uniforms, casino uniforms, or hotel uniforms?  One doesn’t have to be a huge hospital to benefit from this concept.  The color coding concept really applies to every establishment.

If you would like to explore this concept for your employee uniforms, feel free to contact us to see if a color coding uniform program is fit for you!

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