You will find our restaurant, waiter, and waitstaff aprons affordable and durable. All our aprons are manufactured to withstand the harsh environment that goes with serving food and beverages. Every apron includes stain release and is made from a durable poly cotton fiber that will withstand many cleanings that will maintain the apron’s color and shape.

How to chose the right apron

Every hospitality operation has its own unique image and atmosphere. Keep this in mind in selecting the style: waist, bistro, bib, formal.or cobbler or kitchen apron. Each is designed to function with the type of waitstaff position you have. Our aprons also have options such as the number of pockets that serves as holders for pens and ordering pads. We also offer aprons that have a waterproof front for wet environments. Keep in mind the purpose of an apron is twofold: protect the servers clothing and more important project a positive image of your operation to your customers. The combination of the right apron color compliments the shirt and pant of the servers uniform to create a total unique look. Better than that putting your logo on the apron shouts to your customers your name and ties the servers uniform together making a great impression of your establishment.

Let us help you make the choice

Our trained staff spends the majority of its time helping our customers come up with new ideas for uniforms. We can help you tie together aprons, shirts and pants and other uniform accessories by suggesting certain styles and then sending you samples for your approval. Meanwhile why not consider sending us your logo for and embroidery or screen print quote. We have done hundreds and every one is unique and different. We can work with your logo by adding or changing colors and we never apply on a garment it until we get the final approval from you. Remember our Motto: “We’ll deal with the uniform headaches-you have enough to worry about.”


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