Covering Up During Cold Climates: Uniform Ideas for Winter

Do you feel that? That crisp, cold air that hits you like a brick when you walk out of your door? Yup! Winter is upon us! And with winter climates, we tend to cover up (others covering up more hefty than others).  Of course, you cover up with your outerwear jacket when in the elements, but what type of cover up are you wearing to keep the chill off when you finally start your work shift? Welcome to the world of employee uniforms for colder climates! In this blog post, we’ll brainstorm some great uniform ideas for the winter season, with a special focus on hotel uniforms

Don’t you fret when it comes to jackets, sweaters, blazers or suits, or cardigans! Not all are made to fit terribly like Mr. Roger’s iconic acrylic cardigan jacket!  There are so many manufacturers these days who have incorporated functionality with fashion!  Pick from numerous beautifully tailored cardigans or soft woven zip up sweaters for your front desk uniforms.  Want something a little more “dressy”?  Why not incorporate a uniform blazer to your ensemble?

More on Uniform Ideas for Winter Employees

It keeps the chill off and keep the class on!  If you’re in a more casual setting, there are a plethora of soft shell jackets that will keep you warm without looking like you’re wearing a parka.

Many establishments are reluctant to incorporate some type of jacket or cardigan into their ensemble for fear that is “dresses down” the over all look.  It’s quite the opposite, really. Sometimes you need that cute ladies fitted cardigan with a button up 3/4 sleeve front desk blouse to tie the whole ensemble together.

If you’re interested in getting some type of cold weather gear situated for your employees, contact one of our uniform specialists today to choose from the many different cover up options that are available to you.
You’ll be pleasantly surprised, in your quest for uniform ideas, to uncover all the different looks you can come up with that do not compromise the look of your brand!  And your employees will appreciate you considering their overall comfort during these colder climates!