Waitstaff, front desk, hostess, server shirts and blouses

The point of a good quality uniform program is to make sure your staff looks great, feels great, and has a positive attitude which can translate to great customer service and it all starts with the shirt and blouse.

As far as uniforms go the shirt and or blouse is the most observed part of the uniform and what your customers see most. We know how important it is making sure your staff looks sharp and projects your image in a positive way. Let us help you create the image you want by asking any of our uniform idea specialists for suggestions and or samples of shirts and blouses for you to consider.

We will gladly send out samples, recreate your logo and we make sure all your employees are sized before you place your order. Remember our motto “We’ll deal with the uniform headaches-you have enough to worry about”. One example of this is we see to it that what ever shirt or blouse is selected must be available in both male and female versions, in same color, and is available year round and not a discontinued list.

Our goal is to build relationships with our customers not just sales and outfitting an entire staff in one or multiple locations is our specialty. We want you to be able to depend on us for reorders, hard to fit employees, new suggestions and all the other challenges that goes with outfitting your staff.

CLICK HERE to browse through a few shirt options on our online store  or contact us for catalogs or other ideas you may have.


  1. Get a custom quote.  We send free samples to qualified companies.
  2. Just call 800-223-8550 for immediate service. We’re happy to help generate a few uniform ideas especially for you!