Color Coding for Casino Uniforms

Can you tell the difference between your Pit Bosses and your Slot Supervisors just by looking at them? Can you distinguish between your management and your chip runners? For casino executives, this could be a potential problem.

This is where uniform “color coding” comes in handy, helping you easily identify your employees and their departments within your casino just by looking at their uniform.

The concept of color coding is most commonly seen in hospitals, where each department within the hospital identifies themselves with a unique color scheme.  For example, labor and delivery may wear purple, medical assistants wear royal blue, and x-ray technicians wear grey.  This concept can have employees and executives easily distinguish who belongs to what department without sacrificing a uniformed look.

This same concept can be applied to your casino employee uniforms.  While your casino floor staff wears a customized burgundy casino shirt, have the casino floor supervisors in the same style casino floor shirt but in a deep gold color.  Have your casino Pit Bosses wear a stylish casino uniform blazer while your chip runners wear a similar colored casino uniform vest.

By having your casino employees be in a color coded uniform theme, you can visually distinguish who belongs to what department without having to ask your staff personally.

Casino executives can visually see who should be on the casino floor or should be behind the scenes; who should be handling chips and money and who should be dealing the cards.

Want to start color coding your casino employee uniforms?


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