Position Identification With Restaurant Uniforms

Want to tell the difference between your restaurant servers, bussers, or hostesses just by looking at them?  If so, uniform “color coding” comes in handy as you can easily identify your employees and their departments within your restaurant just by looking at their uniform.


The concept of color coding is most commonly seen in hospitals, where each department within the hospital identifies themselves with a unique color scheme.  For example, the emergency room personnel may wear purple, medical assistants wear royal blue, and ICU wear grey.  This concept can have employees and executives easily distinguish who belongs to what department without sacrificing a uniformed look.

This same concept can be applied to your restaurant employee uniforms.  While your hostess is wearing a black v-neck poplin shirt, your waiters and waitresses can wear a similar style shirt but in a charcoal grey color as the bussers are in a completely different style shirt, but along the same color scheme.

By having your restaurant employees be in a color coded uniform theme, you can visually distinguish who belongs to what department without having to ask your staff personally, while still achieving a clean look in your restaurant

Want to start color coding your restaurant employee uniforms? Or have more questions on color coding for your restaurant employee uniforms?