Uniform Tips & Tricks on Pinterest

Oh no!!! You spilled coffee on your uniform shirt! Or your kid forgot a crayon in his jean pocket and it melted all over your uniform pants! What do you do besides FREAK OUT?!?!  Why not check out our Pinterest Site for some helpful Tips and Tricks for literally everything that applies to your employee uniforms.

We are constantly updating our Pinterest site with fun visuals for you, but also with useful information that may help you with the care of your casino employee uniforms, restaurant employee uniforms, and your hotel employee uniforms.  Or simply for some uniform ideas!

Did you know you can use hairspray to take out a lipstick stain on your front desk uniform shirt?  Or use a hairdryer to get wrinkles out of your casino uniform shirt when you don’t have an iron handy?  Are you constantly fumbling around with your tie and can’t seem to get a perfect knot down?

Our Tips and Tricks board will help you with all of those troubles and more!

So check in frequently on our Pinterest site, or follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/usol4u for more helpful advice.