Logos: Necessary For Your Casino Uniforms?

Most casinos can now be found online like happyluke but if you prefer the traditional approach of having a physical premise, staff uniform is important. There is nothing more custom about your casino uniforms than your company logo on your garments. But are they always necessary? Can putting your logo on uniforms enhance your uniform look or can it actually be overkill? In my opinion, it can go either way, dependent on the casino uniform combination you have put together. Let’s explore this concept further.

When it comes to casinos, almost everything is “flashy” – from the slot machines to the lighting of the casino floor. When it comes to putting together a casino uniform program, sometimes the casino uniform itself is also “flashy”. And with good intent since you want your patrons to have a stay that is unforgettable. So, if your casino employee uniforms are uniquely flashy, is it really necessary to have your logo embroidered all over it?

If you decided to have a multi-colored paisley casino uniform vest paired together with a muted gold casino uniform dress shirt, I would probably suggest skipping on the logo decoration. If your casino executive decided to go with a silver sequined casino cocktail dress or a vivid blue and silver pinstriped casino dealer shirt, again, I would probably pass on have it decorated with the casino logo. Because the uniform itself is so visually busy and colourful, it would not be necessary to include a decorated logo amongst the ensemble. If anything, with the busy prints and vivid colours in your casino uniform, the logo may just get lost in the mix of everything. A uniform can also let customers know the types of service that you give, for example, bitcoin casinos will want to advertise that you can pay using the cryptocurrency which may encourage them to play, boosting your sales!

On the other side of the spectrum, if the casino executive decided to go with a more subdued look with clean, neutral colors in the casino uniform ensemble, maybe an embroidered casino logo would add that extra “oomph” to the whole setup. Imagine your casino black jack dealer in a long sleeve, fitted chocolate brown casino banded collar shirt. No flashy sequins, no over the top prints; just a nice classy clean looking shirt. And then, your patrons focus not at the casino dealer’s chest area where he has his plastic name tag, but rather on his sleeve, where there is a subtle, yet unique placement of the casino logo. BAM! There it is – the casino logo cleverly put in a rather obscure, but perfectly set location. Because your patrons will most likely be paying attention to your casino black jack dealers hands, an embroidered casino logo placed on the wrist area of the casino dealers uniform shirt is a perfect place for them to set their eyes on your logo (without even meaning to).

It never hurts to brand your casino employee uniforms with a company logo or decoration, but depending on the uniform ensemble you decide on, sometimes logos are not necessary. If you decide on a flashy, colorful casino uniform ensemble, sometimes that’s all you need. Casino patrons will remember that your casino had the colorfully dressed roulette dealers. Where some patrons will remember the Texas Hold’em dealers of the other casino because they had that fleur de lis logo embroidered in gold thread on the wrist of their shirt. However, if you’re a business owner of an online casino there are plenty of other things you can be recognised for as uniform is not required, aspects such as the theme of your site are especially a priority for being remembered. Online casinos such as https://www.bcasino.co.uk/ are an example of this, who also offer deals on the weekend or cashback offers. There are a list of attributes your casino should consider to get yourself out there and remembered.

Need some help deciding what uniform ensemble best fits your casino? Need some help on logo placement? Contact one of our uniform specialists today so that we can assist you put together a casino uniform program that incorporates your own personal style and budget!