Uniform Solutions, the Leading Supplier of Staff Uniforms Online, Announces New Post on Improving Staff Branding

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March 11, 2018 – San Francisco, California. Uniform Solutions, a top online uniform supplier for employees and staff, is proud to announce a new blog post for the month of February. The post succinctly explains that businesses searching to make a brand of a Fully Promoted Franchise recognizable may consider choosing a simple uniform style among all employees.

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A distinct look worn by each employee can convey a specific image a company desires to communicate. From wait staff to hotel staff, similar uniforms may tell customers exactly what to expect from the establishment.

“When customers are at a specific restaurant or hotel the employee uniforms can remind them exactly where they are. Also, they can also communicate what to expect from that business, such as top customer service and a quality experience,”explained Bruce Bagley, founder of Uniform Solutions. “Our new post discusses this as well as the cost-savings when buying uniforms instead of renting.”

To read Uniform Solutions new blog post, please visit https://www.uniformsolutionsforyou.com/best-way-buy-staff-uniforms-business-online/. Employers may be concerned about the way an entire staff appears to outsiders. A similar style among all employee uniforms can solidify a brand to guests. If business owners desire to stand out among the competition, a staff uniform supplier can assist. Various industries could benefit such as healthcare, hotels, casinos and gyms. Those seeking to browse specific restaurant uniform ideas can also visit the website.


Here is is background on the announcement. Hotels and restaurants may be prepared to offer guests a quality experience for any given holiday. To use Valentine’s Day as an example, dinner specials offering single roses and heart shaped chocolates could be a value add for customers seeking a romantic experience. Hotels can provide overnight stays for guests searching for a more amorous mini-holiday. Special deals and chilled champagne may not be enough for guests seeking a memorable time. Top customer service by wait staff wearing a well-known brand may add to the quality of a moment. If a business leader has decided to promote the image of a top brand, an expert staff uniform supplier could help. The reason is that brand unity between the entity and the entire suite of staff uniforms is paramount.


Uniform Solutions for You is a division of Santa Rosa Uniform & Career Apparel, Inc. The division focuses on, but is not limited to, the online sales of employee uniforms in key industries: casino, hotel, and restaurant. Custom employee uniforms can also be found. The website has a unique consultation request feature, wherein interested parties can talk with a human uniform ‘idea consultant’ to brainstorm uniform options for employees. Attire includes waiter and waitress uniforms online. The uniform supplier services large to small local businesses searching for standard-to-unique staff attire choices.

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