Employee Uniforms Online

Combining the BEST of BOTH worlds: online shopping and pre-sales customer support

The world of course has gone online. Whereas many of us use to go to a physical bookstore, most of us when it’s time to buy a book go to Amazon.com. Remember record stores? Oops, we go to iTunes or streaming services like Pandora. Similarly, when it’s time for an employer to start to brainstorm and look for new employee uniform suppliers, it’s likely that he or she will start that search online.

We started this website, on the premise that people were very interested in brainstorming employee uniform ideas online. And such has been the reality! We have had numerous web visits, and inquiries through this website, when an employer is trying to brainstorm the synergy between their brand identity and the look of their employees.

We are very excited about using the Internet as a tool to help employers brainstorm and shop for employee uniforms online. But let’s face it. There are some disadvantages to online shopping, including online shopping for such items as waiter uniforms, casino uniforms, or other types of worker uniforms. What are the disadvantages?

Shopping for Employee Uniforms Online: the Best of Both Worlds

Employee Uniforms OnlineWe’ve taken the best of online shopping and combined it with the best of pre-sales customer service. Well, first and foremost, you cannot touch and feel or try on an employee uniform over the Internet. Clothing is a very special thing, and you and your employees want to be able to touch, feel, and even try on samples of potential employee uniforms. You know the saying – seeing is believing? Well the saying here might be that touching, trying on, and feeling are also important especially in the uniform industry. That’s why, for qualified buyers, we offer free samples! So order a sample of the types of uniforms that you might consider, and were happy to comply. We’re experts at industries and offer, for example, restaurant uniforms as well as casino uniforms online.

A second issue with employee uniforms online, is the whole problem of customer service. Have you ever noticed that there is no phone number on Amazon.com? There are ways to actually talk to Amazon, for example, but you have to dig deep. A lot of the online retail activities are built on the idea that no human being should ever interact with you. It’s a as if were in the matrix. The computers have taken over the world!

We Bring Synergy to Uniforms Online

Our philosophy is different. Yes, we have a top rated website, and links to our inventory online. But, we also make it easy for you to reach out to us through the phone or through the website, and request that we help you brainstorm your employee uniforms. Please don’t be shy! Take advantage of our incredible customer service, even at the very early brainstorming phase. We’ll help you to brainstorm great employee uniforms online. Yes, you can “have your cake and eat it, too!”