Hotel Season Peaks In The Summer. Now Is The Time To Plan For It

Summertime is when the majority of Americans choose to take their holidays when they have plenty of chances to laze in the sun, play golf, ride a horse, take country walks, and engage in many other outdoor activities. This is why many hotels are far busier at this time and large numbers will have no empty rooms.Hotel uniforms.

When your hotel is full of guests there’s not much time to think about things like hotel uniforms, which is why one should think about them now when you are not so busy. Take a look at your front desk staff, bellmen, and doormen if you have them. First impressions count for everything and, trite as it may sound, it is nonetheless true that you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Therefore your doormen, front desk, and lobby staff need to look “the bee’s knees”.

Create The Impression Of A Team

One way in which to create the impression that you have a team all working together is to have your logo embroidered on to blazers, jackets, and shirts worn by your staff as part of their hotel uniforms. You can carry this on to your other front of house staff such as your bartenders and your waiting staff, together with your housekeeping staff and maids. We can add your logo to any item of clothing that you wish.

Bar staff should certainly look ultra-smart since many of your guests will spend a considerable amount of time in your bar or lounge, rather than sitting alone in their rooms. When they spend time in your bar they get to know the bartenders very well, and they want to see a sharp looking bartender if they are going to stay in the bar and spend money, which is the ultimate objective.

The Same Applies To Waiting Staff

The same thing applies to your waiting staff. Again, your guests will get to know your waiters and waitresses very well after two or three days, and you want them to continue to eat in your restaurant rather than going out for a meal somewhere else.

Kitchen staff, too, should be part of the “team”. While they will not need jackets or blazers as may your front of house staff, nonetheless they should have their own uniforms which once again can carry your logo and maybe their names also. You can make your senior staff feel their importance to your business by adding their title next to their name – such as “head chef”.

We have many ideas for hotel uniforms for your staff, from the doorman through to the gardeners. Click on the Contact Us link on the left hand side of the page to talk to one of our expert consultants.