Rock That Knot: Tying a Perfect Tie

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, son’s everywhere are asking the age old question: How do I tie a proper tie? Well, here’s a quick tip on how to make your Mama proud.

Can’t Seem To Tie a Tie?

Tying a proper tie seems like a skill that is being lost in our younger generation. Perfecting this skill is the easiest way to add a touch of class to your ensemble. Thanks to, you can visually watch step by step how it’s done. It’s also great to refer your employees to, in case their employee uniforms require a tie. If like some watching a video doesn’t help much with the steps taken to achieve the final result, or you’re finding the final result is nothing like you expected it to be, you can check out for help with classic tie knots, to what they call “adventurous” that can be a lot more complicated to achieve a nice looking result.

After you perfect one knot, try doing another….and another and another and another. Impress your mother (or your customers) each time you see them by doing up the PERFECT top knot.

Still can’t perfect it? No worries. There are a handful of ties that have either an adjustable neck or clip-on backing. Don’t be embarrassed if you use these kinds of ties. Most law enforcement and public safety agencies REQUIRE clip-on ties for safety reasons. (Of course restaurant uniforms and hotel uniforms often require the “real thing”).

After perfecting your tying abilities, go to the next step of perfecting your look…the pocket square!!

Need to add to your tie collection?

Need to add to your tie collection? Browse our ties and accessories to see if something fits your fancy.

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