Why Stain Protection in Uniforms is A Must

The idea of having stain-protection technologies in fabrics for your uniform attire is not a new concept.  Stain resistant fabrics have been around the uniform industry for years, especially in restaurant uniforms, various casino type uniforms, and housekeeping type garments.  However, recently it seems as if more and more manufacturers have come up with more innovative and new offerings in garments that deliver both value and performance in their products.

What is Stain Protective Technology?

The first concept of stain release was invented a while back, where articles of uniform clothing were made with technology to remove stains only after the uniform garment was laundered.  The concept itself made sense, however, the wearer of the uniform still had to wear a stained uniform for the duration of their work shift until the garment was laundered.

Manufacturers have made so many improvements over the past years to where clothing is now, not only made with stain release properties, but more so now with water and stain resistant properties.

With the new stain resistant properties, water and other liquids are mostly repelled from the garment itself.  Instead of the liquid immediately soaking into the garment, it “beads up”, allowing the wearer of the uniform to quickly wipe away the liquid before it has a chance to make a stain.

With these two main types of technology in fabrics, manufacturers have tried to develop uniform garments that use both the stain release and stain resistant properties, all the while still maintaining a sense of fashion and functionality to the uniform garment itself.


Why Do I Need Stain Protective Uniforms?

Whether you are a fast paced restaurant, a housekeeping agency, or a casino beverage manager – you should consider uniforms that have this stain protective technology.  If you are around various liquids, it would make the most sense to have a uniform that can repel such liquids. And if stained, the ability to remove the stains from garments with ease. One needs a uniform that can withstand the everyday abuse and hold up to laundering, all while still looking pleasant for the public.  By having this type of technology added to your uniform program, you get more “bang for your buck”.  Because your uniforms will not stain as much or as often (or at all), you will not have to purchase more uniforms to replace the ones that have been damaged.  In essence, the technology will extend the life of your uniform.


Need Some Uniform Ideas?

Because our team is up to date with the latest and greatest in the world of uniform clothing, we can help you decide on which uniform product will be the most suitable for your needs and budget.  Are you a car wash that needs polo shirts with water repellent technology?  No problem, we have various uniform polo shirts to choose from that are available all year long!  Are you a restaurant needing server shirts with stain release? We got it!   Are you an Executive Chef to a well renowned restaurant? We have a lot of executive chef coats to choose from with stain repellent technology to keep your coat looking fresh and clean!


Let one of our uniform specialists devise a uniform program for you, educating you on the fabrics and technologies, all while maintaining your own unique uniform look.


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