Considering Employee Uniforms

Some restaurant, hotel, and casino executives may ask themselves, “Why would I consider having a uniform for my employees?”  Well, “Why Not?”  When it comes to employee uniforms – whether it be for hotel uniforms, casino uniforms, restaurant uniforms or even just uniforms for a small retail store – uniforms visually set a standard for your brand and enhances the experience for your customers.

Uniforms Make Your Customer Feel Comfortable

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When a potential customer walks in, most want to be able to distinguish who they can readily ask for help when necessary.  Although many value individual expression through clothing, how would a customer know who to ask for help in finding what they need? By having a uniform, whether it be a button up shirt, polo shirts for work, or even an apron, the customer can feel comfortable in approaching your employees to ask any and all questions.  It eliminates the whole “Hi, do you work here?” awkward situation, which can be very uncomfortable for some individuals.

Uniforms Set the Tone

Having your customers feel comfortable is an ultimate goal, but having a well put together uniform also can set the tone for your establishment.  When someone sees the front desk attendant in a well dressed suit and tie style uniform or your concierge in an elegant button-up shirt accompanied with a beautiful, yet classy scarf style uniform, your customer will feel that your establishment will reflect the service that is to come.  If the employees are well put together, it must also mean that the establishment is also well put together, right?  If the owner takes special care in the appearance of their employees through their uniforms, they must also take special care in how they treat their customers.  How would you feel if you were welcomed by someone in a wrinkled oxford shirt that has a slight hint of a mustard stain?employee uniform, employee uniforms,

Putting your employees in a uniform is visually setting a tone for your customers without even having to speak a word. But one doesn’t have to be in a suit and tie – a colorful tee shirt with your company logo would suffice.  It is all about how you want to portray your brand.

Considering Uniforms Now? Contact Our Uniform Consultants!

Considering a uniform? If you haven’t got a clue on where to start, feel free to contact one of our uniform consultants and we will be able to steer you in the right direction – even throw a few uniform ideas out there for you.  We are constantly updating our page with the latest and greatest, so check out our restaurant uniform, casino uniform, and hotel uniform pages for some ideas.  Don’t forget to ask about our FREE Samples.

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