Supplier of Casino, Hotel & Restaurant Uniforms, Uniform Solutions Announces “Think Piece” Blog Post on Holiday Employee Uniform Ideas

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San Francisco, CA – December 14, 2015. Uniform Solutions for You, a top supplier of employee uniforms for diverse industries such as restaurant, hotel, and casino is proud to announce an informative “think piece” posted to its blog, just in time for the holidays. The post helps busy HR managers and executives brainstorm fun holiday employee uniform ideas.

“The main goal of employee uniforms is to convey a unique, quality brand identity,” explained Bruce Bagley, founder of Uniform Solutions. “Those companies that can achieve this with a holiday emphasis are able to go the extra mile towards an innovative, fun brand identity that changes yet remains the same.”

To view the “think piece” on holiday employee uniform ideas online, please visit the blog. There, in addition to the blog post, one can click up to the company’s informative blog which conveys useful food-for-thought for busy executives on the topic of how to select sharp-looking employee uniforms online.

Changing Yet Different: The Holidays and Employee Uniforms

Major brands such as coffee houses, hotels, and restaurants, aim to convey a consistent brand identity. Major chains seek to reassure edgy consumers that they can experience the same great products or services, no matter when or where they enter a company’s facilities. These days that even extends to the online shopping experience, but it is also true of employee uniforms. Brands that are on the forefront change their look and feel to match the various seasons of the year, and yet do so in a way that they continue to convey a stable brand identity. The oxymoron is that the brand identity stays the same, and yet is different. By posting this innovative “think piece” on its blog, Uniform Solutions aims to help busy executives brainstorm holiday-oriented employee uniform ideas that garner the best of both worlds: continuity and change.

About Uniform Solutions For You

Uniform Solutions for You is a division of Santa Rosa Uniform & Career Apparel, Inc. The division focuses on, but is not limited to, the online sales of employee uniforms in key industries: casino, hotel, and restaurant. The website has a unique consultation request feature, wherein interested parties can talk with a human uniform ‘idea consultant’ to brainstorm uniform options for employees.