Unique Hotel Doorman Uniform Ideas

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Because you can’t re-do a first impression, impress your customers with a classy, unique, and visually appealing hotel doorman or bellhop uniform.  Typically, these employees are the first of your staff that your customers will encounter, so why not make a marvelous first impression? With the holidays around the corner, liven the look with some of these unique hotel doorman employee uniform ideas.

Your doorman and bell hops are usually outside, so they need something that is both fashionable and functional.  Their attire must be attractive while still keeping them warm amidst the colder weather.  At Uniform Solutions For You, we have many different options available to achieve the look you want.

Want to keep things traditional? We offer a beautiful long double breasted woolly style overcoat with a cape.  Make it your own with gold or silver trims, metal gold or silver buttons, and matching piping on the sleeves.

Don’t want to be traditional at all and want to incorporate a more modernized look?  Try one of the shorter length style jackets with either a deep v-neck or even a mandarin collar.  Or use a blazer style coat in lieu of the traditional double breasted coat.  Accessorize with custom trimming and a beautiful bow tie to tie it together.

Are you stuck in between wanting both modern AND traditional?  Keep the traditional look with the double breasted coat, but use a subdued textured fabric for a more modern day appeal.  One can also use more vibrant color combinations instead of the traditional grey or black color combos.

Top your ensemble all off with a military style hat some some clean white gloves.

With just of few of these doorman uniform ideas, one can come up with a classy, sleek, and utterly unique doorman and bellhop uniform to impress your customers while they march through your doors.

Contact one of our uniform specialists today to start putting some uniform ideas together for your new look.