New Year, New Uniform Trends!

The new year has come and gone. But are you stuck in the same old uniform? Have you thought about sprucing up your look for this New Year? Changing uniforms can be a scary and overwhelming task, but you do not have to endure it alone! At Uniform Solutions For You, we can help you kick start your NEW employee uniforms for the New Year with up and coming new uniform trends!

Bright Color Trends:  It seems as though colors are making a comeback – and not just your core navy or colors.  We’re talking about bright, and in some cases, neon bright colors.  More yellows, lime greens, and reds (even pinks) are popping up into the world of uniforms. Millennials are reaching out to brighter, more upbeat color schemes and business owners are encouraging the color changes. Your new color scheme does not have to incorporate such bright colors, but sometimes, a little splash of color goes a very long way on a neutral backdrop.

Greyscales and Neutral Color Trends:  Of course the neutral tones still take a forefront on uniforms, but many are taking a different approach to the color scheme. There are more versions of grey being offered.  From dark charcoal grey to silver grey, to platinum grey – the options are endless.  The same goes for shades of blue.  Navy is a primary color for suiting and basics, but now there are different versions of navy – heathered navy, dark navy, and even military navy is being introduced more and more.  With these neutral and greyscale colors, many business owners can easily add a dash of color to this type of color scheme…you know…just to mix it up a bit!

Color blocking Trend:  We are noticing more and more that uniforms are using the technique of “color blocking”, where one part of the garment is a different color than the rest of the garment.  For example, the body of the polo shirt is black, where the
sleeves are a lime green color.  A lot of our sports themed restaurants and establishments with a more casual appeal have gone to some form of color blocking for their uniforms. This type of uniforming is great for those who want to branch out with more colorful garments without going too “overboard”.

Creative Logo Placements: Nothing screams identity like the logo placement. But your logo placement doesn’t have to be boring and put in its “expected” spot. Our uniform specialists are pretty much up to date with all of the latest trends in fashion and use that knowledge to assemble a creative placement for logos. Want the logo on the left chest like everyone else? That’s perfectly fine. But want to WOW your customer base with a logo placement that is both unique and memorable…we got you covered there too!

There are so many different trends that come and go, but at Uniform Solutions For You, we try to keep up with all of them and extend that to our customer base. So, are you ready to take a step into your new uniform look? Contact us today to speak with a uniform specialist and let us make this New Year a good and memorable one…with your uniforms!