Casino Employees – Looking Great at the Tables

Casinos seem to be everywhere in America these days. Gone are the days when it was just Las Vegas. Today, there’s a casino near every town, and guess what – it’s more competitive than ever. You, as the Casino HR manager, may be responsible for everything from finding hires in today’s increasingly hot job market, to dealing with firing employees, to making sure that they look great. That’s where we come in. We help casinos across the country to brainstorm casino employee uniforms.

Employee Types at Your Casino

Common employee types at a Casino are waiters and waitresses (for the in-Casino restaurant or buffet), dealers (at the tables), and servers.  Other staff such as security or hotel staff also need great-looking employee uniforms. Whatever your casino uniform needs are, we can brainstorm a “look and feel” for your Casino that will look great from the lowly bus boy to the chief of the Casino. The trick is to have every type of staff have a unique uniform, yet preserve a common brand look-and-feel across employee category.

Once you have the “look,” next comes the quality. We have great relationships with uniform suppliers across the globe, and can source quality employee uniforms at good prices. We can fit your budget! And in terms of service we can become your permanent Casino uniform supplier (that’s our goal). So, if you are brainstorming great ideas for casino employee uniforms, reach out to us today!