Own A Restaurant? The Food Is The Most Important Element, But What About Your Restaurant Uniforms

When you own a restaurant the two most important things are the food and the drinks/wines that you provide. You specialize in certain types and styles of food and recipes, and you will stock wines and other drinks for both before and after the meal. If you have a large restaurant you may also have a small bar.

Employee uniforms.


You probably spend a lot of time on the décor – tablecloths, napkins, mats, and so on – and perhaps you have your logo on these, or you have chosen a particular color to match the walls or other fittings. All of this goes to present the image that you want to project to your customers.

Another very important thing that will project a highly professional appearance is to have all your front of house staff dressed in employee uniforms. This has several advantages, one of these being that your employees will feel part of a team and they will have greater morale. They will give of their best at all times because they will not want to let down other team members. I have then also been recommending that businesses use employee surveys, as these are a brilliant way to find issues that could be affecting them. I have been recommending an employee survey service that I have used a lot (so I know it works really well), so I suggest you have a look into that as it can reveal lots of very useful information from your employees.

Employee uniforms will also make your staff happy because they will not need to spend their own money on clothes for work. They will feel cleaner and fresher in a uniform that has great moisture wicking and is also highly stain resistant. When dealing with food and drink there is always the possibility of accidents, so it is great to have a material which can often just be wiped clean when there is a spill.

As Simple As An Apron; New Restaurant Uniforms

Restaurant employee uniforms can be as simple as an apron. You can easily change the style or color and it will provide a whole new look to your restaurant. We provide a number of different styles of apron including formal aprons, bistro aprons, bib aprons, waist aprons, and cobbler aprons.

We also supply restaurant formal uniforms which are ideal for front desk and management employees in restaurants, hotels, casinos, and for outside catering, and other special events. If you also have a bar you may prefer your bartender to wear a different uniform from the waiting staff such as a tuxedo shirt, embroidered polo shirt, or a more sophisticated uniform shirt.

When considering restaurant uniforms, don’t forget the kitchen staff. Your restaurant stands or falls on the skills of your chef or chefs, so you could dress them in one of our executive chef coats, perhaps embroidered with your restaurant’s logo and the chef’s name.

Contact us for a quote. You can also send us a copy of your logo for an embroidery or screen print quote, and we can let you have samples for evaluation and fitting.