The House Always Wins – But Only with Great-Looking Casino Uniforms

When you run a casino it is said that the house always wins. To a large extent that is true, because if the house didn’t win you would go out of business. You spend a considerable amount of money on gaming tables, employee wages, décor – perhaps a band – just in order to get your business set up and running in the first place, so it makes total sense to have all your front of house staff dressed in casino uniforms in order to create a great impression with uniforms

Your bettors want to feel comfortable and to play in relaxing and ideal surroundings – that’s why they come in the first place. Yes, they come for the excitement and the adrenalin rush when the cards go their way, but your purpose is to keep them playing and keep them coming back. As you well know, the longer bettors keep playing the more money they will lose and the more profit you will make. As the old saying goes “It ain’t rocket science.”

Simply Common Sense

It is simply common sense to have your staff dressed in smart casino uniforms.  That includes your dealers and pit bosses, your cage cashiers, your supervisors, and your chip runners. It also includes your security staff. Certainly, they are there to take care of security, but you need them to look like part of the furniture rather than big ogres. They need to melt into the background, but at the same time make bettors aware of their presence in order to keep the peace. As you know, bettors can become extremely angry when they lose big sums, and prevention is better than cure: if a bettor knows that your security is tight he or she is more likely to behave – even after big losses.

Your Cocktail Bar and Your Casino Uniforms

Of course, one of the most important features of your casino is your cocktail bar. First, it is a great source of profit on its’ own as you can achieve a really good mark up, but if your bettors keep drinking they are far more likely to make mistakes and bet rashly. In order to keep them coming back to the bar you need to have appropriate casino uniforms for your cocktail servers and bartenders. These uniforms can be completely different from the rest of the floor staff, yet give the impression of grandeur and elegance. People wish to enjoy their visit in opulent surroundings, and your bar staff can all add to the atmosphere.

Don’t forget the back of house staff either. We can supply splendid uniforms for your chef or chefs, your line cook, and even your dishwashers. This makes them feel part of a team and gives a sense of “belonging” which will mean that you will keep your good staff rather than having them look to work elsewhere.

All things considered, your bottom line will be greatly enhanced by having all your staff members appropriately dressed in uniforms.