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It seems that everything has migrated to the Internet these days. Books and bookstores, of course, have migrated to Amazon, the dominant online purveyor of books. And, of course, records and music have migrated online – gone are the days of Tower Records and the local record shop. Indeed, even food seems to be migrating online with the rise of meals-on-demand services like Blue Apron. In this blog post, we’re not going to comment on the social disruptions and the pros or cons of our entire economy’s transition to being an Internet-first economy. Let it suffice to say that while, on the one hand, Amazon has led to the demise of the local bookstore (probably bad), but on the other hand, Amazon has put the entire catalog of books available on the Internet to anyone, including those living in smaller communities or rural areas that had no “local bookstore” (probably good).

It’s a mixed blessing.

Let’s Talk about Buying Uniforms Online

Buy Employee Uniforms OnlineLet’s talk about uniforms. Uniforms, being an item of clothing, are a bit harder to buy on the Internet than a standardized product like a book or a microwave oven. People, including employees, managers, and CEOs, often want to “see” and “touch” a uniform before committing to a big purchase of employee uniforms online. But while you can look at pictures of clothes on the Internet, you can’t really touch them. For example, you might know that you want to buy restaurant uniforms online, or you might know that you’re looking for casino uniforms online, but you might have a budget constraint. Should you choose a 100% cotton uniform, which has the look, feel, and comfort of cotton? Or perhaps a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend which is perhaps less comfortable but more resistant to wrinkles and stains. Or perhaps go with a new high quality 100% polyester uniform, that will be much more durable and less wrinkly than cotton. However, how will this look on your employees and will they like them enough to wear them without complaint?

Online Shopping for Uniforms

Your first step is to brainstorm the look of your employee uniforms. Here’s where online shopping is fantastic. Using a website like ours, you can easily and quickly browse an entire catalog of employee uniforms with just a few clicks of a mouse. You and your boss (or other team members) can easily go over a wealth of employee uniform ideas, quickly, and make a “short list” of the colors, styles, and brands that you like. If you’re stuck at the employee uniform idea level, our “idea consultants” are happy to help you brainstorm ideas for your employee uniforms.

Seeing and Touching Uniforms Online

But, after that… comes the part about “seeing” and “touching.” You can’t “touch” a uniform through your computer screen, after all. Here, again, we have a novel concept. For established companies with 15 employees or more, we have a free sample program. First, work with our employee uniform idea consultant to narrow down your choices. Then, contact us to discuss having samples sent. We can then send you samples through the mail for your employee uniforms. In this way, you can go from computer (the “virtual world”) to the “real world,” where you can “see” and “touch” the uniforms. In fact, we recommend you go one step further at this point. Invites a few key employees in for a “fashion show.” Have them try on the sample employee uniforms. In that way, you as management can “see” them on the employees and get employee feedback. Do they now only “look good” but “feel nice”?

Our goal is to bring you the best employee uniforms at the best prices online. By having an enormous catalog of uniforms, by having the unique idea of a uniform “idea consultant” and by shipping free samples to qualified companies, we are (in perhaps a small way) like Amazon or Blue Apron. We’re bringing the power and convenience of the Internet to a new industry: employee uniforms.

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