Trend Alert: Denim’s Comeback to Employee Uniforms

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It seems that many trends that we thought we long gone, have made a comeback! From the neon colors of the 80’s to the now popular denim ensembles that we saw back in the early 2000’s. But don’t worry – the denim trends have not been a travesty (like that of the Britney Spears/Justin Timberlake ensemble that we all wish we could forget).  

Employee Uniforms in Denim

Denim has made a come back in employee uniforms and we’re all loving it.

The denim trend has since been taking over the front desk look – giving a more casual appeal while still looking very well put together.  Many of our hotels with a more modern edge are pairing a well tailored dress coat or blazer with a dark pair of jeans and a slim fit shirt.  Typically darker jeans make the look more

polished, however, some light colored jeans can be paired wonderfully with a nice oxford shirt with the sleeves rolled up in a 3/4 sleeve length.

I’ve also put together looks where the shirt itself has the denim appeal. Again, more of a casual comfortable approach but can be dressed up with a skinny tie or some other form of neck wear.  The most popular looks I have put together with a denim top has been the darker colored wash denims – the black dyed denims and the deep indigo colors.

 Again, where the sleeves were rolled up in a 3/4 sleeve length for more of a modern, urban appeal.

But don’t think the lighter denim tops are the “forgotten child”.  Pair the lighter denim tops with a khaki apron or khaki twill pants and you have a very unique server look that is sure to catch your customers eye.


Don’t think that the “denim trend” only affects the front desk or front of house! The industry that loves the denim look the most have been my executive chefs! The denim look is so modern and urban, not to mention made of breathable cotton materials, that our chefs are just falling head over heels for it.

With exciting stretch fabrics adding to the denim, our chefs have stepped out of the classic white chef coat box.  These modern and trendy cuts and the washed look of the denim has made the chefs and kitchen staff shine just as bright as the food they are preparing.

Want to step into the denim trend? Have questions? Need FREE SAMPLES? Feel free to contact one of our uniform specialists today to see about which look would best suit your establishment.