Finally…It Fits! – New Fitting Styles for Employee Uniforms

Bid “Good Riddance” to the age old boxy uniform styles of yore.  Along with new fabric technologies come more modern and stylish garment fittings for casino, restaurant and hotel type uniforms.  Where once there was only one style of garment cut, one can now choose the appropriate fitting for all employee uniforms with style selections including (but not limited to) Petite, Tall, Junior, Missy, Plus, and Athletic fitting styles.  These generous selections of fitting styles now make it easier for one to properly fit all of their employees in a cohesive uniform program.

Everyone has a different body type and body shape, and there is nothing worse than having an employee issued uniform that does not fit properly.  Visually, it is an eye sore.  Your clientele will perceive laziness and lack of attention to physical appearance, while your employee will consider the uniform a burden to wear.  And we all know what it feels like when we wear something we hate. That attitude sets the tone for the rest of the work shift (and possibly for the rest of their employment).

With these new selections in employee uniform garment fittings, there is a size that will fit everyone appropriately and comfortably, all while looking professional.


Regular and Missy Fit: Being the most popular fit in uniform garments, the regular fit shirts are a little more comfortable, but not necessarily more casual. These still have a nice fit to the body but have fuller sleeves and wider arm holes for maximum range and mobility. These shirts are certainly for a more relaxed look and are said to fit the “average” body type.

Slim/Athletic Fit:  In contrast to the regular fit, the slim fit is cut so that the uniform garment is more form fitting to your body.  This cut typically has a higher, narrower sleeve cut and a more tapered overall body cut.  This style has as a more clean-cut, polished look with generous tapering.

Tall Fit: This uniform fitting is as obvious as its title.  This fit is cut longer than the regular fit for those who are on the big and tall spectrum of body types.  This uniform fit is similar to the regular, however typically at least 2” longer in both the sleeves and torso areas.

Petite Fit: For those shorter, more petite individuals, this fit is typically cut shorter in both the sleeves and torso.  In most cases, this fit is not as generous as the regular cut and has a conservative, more professional tapering in the torso and back area.  Princess seams are put in many petite style fits to still give a feminine touch to the average uniform shirt.

Plus Fit: This fit is for those individuals with a more curvaceous body type, typically having fuller bust, waist, and/or hip areas.  This uniform fit is a bit more generous than the regular fit in the sleeves, chest and torso to allow for full range of movement.  Do not be deceived that this fit is “boxy” (for lack of a better term).  Many plus fit garments still have princess seams in the front and back of the tops to allow for a more feminine uniform cut.

Junior Fit: Generally geared to the younger age group, this fit is typically cut slimmer and shorter all the way around.  These types of uniform fits are usually cut where the garment is worn more closely to the body and are typically more youthfully styled.  They tend to have a straighter, less curvaceous cut, which accommodates a smaller bust, waist and hip area.


With some many different body types out there, it is important for an executive to consider these various fitting types when ordering employee uniforms. 


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