#UniformSwag: Runway Ready Employee Uniforms

Who says your employee uniforms have to be boring?  A dash of color here, a bold print there, and you’re ready to go!  Say “Good Bye” to your boring everyday employee uniform and embrace the #UniformSwag.  Who says you can’t be runway ready with your employee uniforms?


Unique Casino Uniforms

Spice up your casino floor uniforms with some custom, unique embroidery on a brightly colored palette.  Or impress your customers with a modern, sleek look.  These days you want to stand out, so give your casino dealers, your cocktail servers, and all of the other casino floor staff employees a uniform your customers will deem as unforgettable.

Colorful Restaurant Uniform Combinations


Why keep your look in the average black and white?  Add some color to your restaurant employee uniforms.  Substitute a plain white server shirt for an eye catching purple shirt, or even consider applying a brightly colored logo to your restaurant aprons.  Whatever the case, don’t be scared to add some color to your restaurant uniforms.  Don’t forget about your kitchen staff, either!  Executive Chef’s LOVE to stand out with their unique chef coat that stand out above the rest! They You will find your guests will appreciate your efforts.

Fab Front Desk Uniforms

From the front desk to your housekeeping uniforms, spice up your hotel uniform ensemble to set you aside from your average competitor.  For the conservative hotel executive, simply add a hint of color with a hotel uniform scarf or neck tie.  Want to be daring and original?  Incorporate different color schemes with bold prints to have your guests raving about your new look.


Ready to take the next step and think outta the box with your new employee uniforms?  Reach out to one of our uniform consultants today and let us help you get the look you’re searching for!

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