Wholesale Uniform Suppliers: What Does That Really Mean?

As one of the top uniform suppliers on the Internet, we witness our share of confusion. Unfortunately, a lot of people (employees) are searching for uniforms to buy on the Internet. In these cases, they are often an individual police officer, security guard, or even a waiter or waitress working for a business that does not provide employee uniforms. In a sense, they are looking for “retail” uniforms. That’s not our business, but we help where we can.

A Top-Rated Wholesale Uniform Supplier

Our business is as a top-rated uniform supplier. Here it can also get a little confusing. Are we “retail” or “wholesale?” Well, those terms do not mean what they used to years ago. We don’t stress out on the semantics. So, some people think that retail means that their business can buy from our business in (relatively) small quantities, or that they do not have to “go into” a physical store. Yes, we do that. For companies that have just ten employees or more, we even offer free uniform samples! Still others, think of us as a “wholesale uniform supplier,” by that they are thinking we are not the place where an individual employee goes to buy just one or a few uniforms for his or her personal use. They are thinking of us as a company that sells to other companies. Yes, we do that.

Essentially, if you are a business and you are looking for a long-term, reliable supplier of your employee uniforms, that’s our business. People come to us searching for restaurant uniforms or even casino uniforms – many, many different industries! Even better, we do not think of this as a one-time relationship. Rather, our “uniform idea consultants” can help you brainstorm great-looking uniforms that fit your brand, and help you “change with the seasons” and “change with the fashions.” Things change, trends change, and we change. Our goal – business-to-business – is to help your business (and employees) look great in amazing, unique and comfortable uniforms.

Is that retail or wholesale? Are we a retail uniform supplier or a wholesale uniform supplier? Who cares. What matters is that we provide quality employee uniforms to your business at an affordable price with great selection and great prices.