Uniform Idea and Styles (Over the Years)

Remember the 1970s? I bet you do. Back in the 1970s, the colors were loud, the hair was long, the lapels were big. Then came the 1980s, and things become much cleaner, sharper, with straight lines, and short hair. Styles change, don’t they?

Fashions Change – And Not Just in Restaurants

Similarly in restaurants. There was a time – believe it or not – when McDonald’s was the trendy restaurant. Now, it’s all casual dining. Shake Shake and Chik Filet have shaken up the restaurant industry. And throughout – the employee uniform. Styles change: in clothes fashion, in restaurant fashions, in all fashions.

If you are a business owner, or the happy person responsible for brainstorming ideas for employee uniforms, you’ve got to not just “look backwards” – what was the 1970s like, but look forward. What will the new and trendy ideas be for 2016? If your business is consumer facing – such as a casino, a restaurant, or even an auto shop – you have to worry and ponder and brainstorm the future. Consumers want to see the next, new thing, and they want the look-and-feel of your restaurant, your casino, or your auto body shop to reflect that need and new design.

Employee Uniform Ideas: A Moving Target

Look at just colors. Remember just a few years back when everything was earth tones? All the cars were green and brown. Now, the colors are firmer, bolder, and not so earth-oriented. Or look at how ties go from thin to broad, from broad to thin, and back again. Or shoes.

It can be overwhelming to brainstorm employee uniform ideas, and to realize that it’s a never-ending process. Your employees can’t look like yesterday for your customers. They need to look like not just today, but tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Being the trend-setter and not left in the dust of history will help your business. Contact us today for help brainstorming employee uniform ideas.