The Best Of Both Worlds For Employee Uniforms

These days it seems as though everything has gone online in this “age of Amazon”. Well, one thing hasn’t and that is good old-fashioned customer service. Employee Uniform SuppliersHowever, when you try to find the “help” info for major online retailers, Amazon is far from the worst. With some of them you can spend ages clicking around trying to find an answer to the simplest question.

However, at Uniform Solutions For You we blend the best of both worlds. Yes, we are online employee uniform suppliers, but we are also real people. Did you know that you can actually get on the phone and TALK to us? Yes, we still do that old-fashioned thing of talking to our customers because we believe that our customers want simple straightforward answers to their questions rather than having to spend 20 minutes clicking around a massive website trying to find them! Now there’s a surprise!

Not The Simplest Of Jobs

Choosing uniforms for your employees is not necessarily the simplest of jobs. You might have all sorts of specific requirements because a Chinese restaurant is a very different proposition from a Mexican one. And an auto repair shop is not quite the same as a dental surgery or a hotel reception. We completely understand, as employee uniform suppliers, that our customers have widely differing needs and want to get advice as to how to go about selecting the right uniforms for their needs.

Think about us this way: we are like a bricks and mortar store where you can talk to real people and get answers to your pressing questions. However, a bricks and mortar store can only stock a limited amount of styles and designs of employee uniforms before it runs out of space. Because we are an online business we can “stock” uniforms from over 200 major manufacturers and that is exactly what we do.

This gives you an almost endless choice of uniforms for your staff, and yet we are still here to answer all your questions and provide advice. We have been employee uniform suppliers since 1992 and we are a family business, so we know what we expect when we go shopping for something, and we make sure that we provide the service we would want ourselves.

So when you are trying to decide upon employee uniforms come and talk to us. We give you a massive choice, and we really are here to answer all your questions. In fact, if you are anywhere near Santa Rosa, CA, where we are based, you are very welcome to pop into our offices and have a chat. We truly do believe in personal service.