Get The Sharpest Uniforms For Your Hotel Employees

One of our largest verticals is hotels. We supply many hotels, both large and small, with staff uniforms and we know how busy life can be when you are a hotel owner or manager, so we go the extra mile helping you decide on uniforms for your employees. Hotel uniform suppliers.We also have what is possibly the greatest choice of uniforms of every description that you can find anywhere, because we deal with over 200 manufacturers of uniforms. We are not manufacturers ourselves, but hotel uniform suppliers who want to see to it that your employees look sharp.

We are in business for the long haul and we want to build up a relationship with our customers so that they know that we are here for them whatever issue they may have with uniforms. Whether you run a small bed and breakfast or a very large chain, the way your employees look is vital in creating the best impression for your guests. It adds to the overall atmosphere of your hotel and contributes in large part to the way your guests feel about their stay and making the decision as to whether they want to return the next time they are visiting your area.

As hotel uniform suppliers we know that the most important thing to remember is the old saying that you only have one chance to make a great first impression. This is why your reception desk staff need to appear professional and friendly, and a great receptionists’ uniform is the way to do this. It sets the tone for the rest of your guests’ stay with you. A great idea is to add your logo on to your reception desk uniforms.

Bar Staff

Bar staff, of course should look professional too, and one way of achieving this at very little cost is to have them wear bar aprons. In so many hotel and restaurant bars you see bar staff dressed smartly but at the same time looking like the bar staff in every other hotel. Adding an apron to your bar staff makes them stand out and look professional.

Wait staff, too, must look the part. There is a lot of interaction between your wait staff and your guests, more so than bar staff because your guest may just buy one drink and sit in the corner. In the restaurant your staff are visiting your guests several times during the course of a meal and talking to them, helping them choose their menu, and then delivering each course.

Your maids also come into contact with your guests quite often and should wear a matching uniform as well. As for your kitchen staff, although they do not meet your guests it is important that they are dressed in comfortable and breathable uniforms and as hotel uniform suppliers we suggest having their name on their uniforms along with your logo.