SlimFit Uniforms Are Making A Comeback

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Trends come and go, we all know this. But somehow, certain trends leave and then make a huge comeback! Enter “SlimFit” employee uniform garments.  Where garments once only had a “relaxed fit” garment fitting, the more tailored styles are making a huge comeback! 

Custom tailor suits are typically not your average run of the mill style for hotel uniforms and the like.  Typically, those styles are on the more upscale side of the spectrum and tend to be on the rather pricey side, which is why many business owners veer away from outfitting their entire staff in such styles.

SLIM FIT EMPLOYEE SUITS, TAILORED EMPLOYEE SUITSBut like any other type of fashion trend they try to follow, the uniform industry has seen the recent high demand for this style of suiting and more and more manufacturers have changed, or at least added, the more modern, slim fit garment cuts to their uniform selections.  Say “good-bye” to that potato sack of a blazer you once had to wear.  And say “hello” to the new, sleek, tailored fit that emulates those custom tailored Italian style suit ensembles.

NEW SlimFit Uniforms are coming back!

To make things even better, employee uniform manufacturers have added this new cut to their economy line of garments.  The slim fit cuts can be found with 100% polyester collections, which are typically very cost efficient.  Of course, you can still get the wool blend styles, but for those who are more on a budget but still want that clean, sleek look, more cost efficient options are out there for your consideration.LADIES TAILORED SUITS, TAILORED EMPLOYEE UNIFORMS

And ladies…let us not forget you! The slim fit cut also applies to many of the women’s garments as well.  Bye-bye matronly styled uniform skirts and say “hello” to that beautifully fit pencil skirt that hugs your curves just perfectly.  The manufacturers have redesigned the fit of many ladies garments to have more of a feminine appeal.  Blazers for women have, for the most part, always fit horribly – it’s either too big, too baggy, too long, etc.  But now, many manufacturers have cut ladies blazers with a more fashionable approach – a more tailored fit with specialized darting to accommodate a womanly figure.  Your ladies at the front desk will love this new cut.

Come one, come all!! The new wave of slim fit, tailored employee uniform garments have arrived…and you will LOVE them!

Contact one of our uniform specialists today to discuss about getting FREE SAMPLES of the more modern fit suiting for your staff! You will just love the way your staff will look in this crisp, clean, and modern fit!