Custom Vs. In-Stock Staff Uniforms

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When it comes to enhancing your brand, everyone wants to stand out above the crowd – be different, be unique.  Uniforms can be something that accomplishes this task.  By having uniforms as unique as your brand, your target market will not only remember their pleasant experience with your company, but they will also remember the sharp appearance of the staff. But how do you get such unique staff uniforms? Does it require having something custom made? Let’s explore both concepts.

By having your employee uniforms custom made, the style options are endless! One can literally make up uniform styles according to ones own creativity – colors, fabric textures, accessories, etc.  Doing custom uniforms, you can build your uniform ensemble from the ground up, making your staff as unique as you would like them to be.

in stock employee uniforms, custom employee unifomsHowever, there is a catch when dealing with custom employee uniforms.  Although having something custom made sounds like the route to go, an executive has to realize the trials that also come with producing something from scratch.  Most manufacturers who deal with custom uniforms only produce the uniforms in bulk.  Many, if not all, manufacturers require very high minimums, sometimes in the thousands, per item in order to be produced.  This may be fine for the initial order, but this becomes a problem for re-orders when you do not need to have as many items ordered at a time.  For instance, you order 1500 customized casino dealer tops for your new casino.  In the next couple of months, you have to order a few more sizes that you no longer have stock for.  You only need 250 larges and 125 medium tops, however this order does not meet the minimum 1,000 pieces that are needed for production.  So as an executive, what do you do?  You have plenty of stock of the other sizes, so do you over order to make the minimum so you can at least start production?  And what if you need something in a hurry? Can your business afford to wait 3-4 weeks until the next shipment of out of stock sizes come in?

Sometimes going custom isn’t the route you want to take

When you deal with in-stock, readily available products, getting your RUSH items and your emergency garments is much less of a hassle than dealing with custom uniforms. Although the style selection may be slim, an executive can be relieved knowing that the time frame of getting product and the availability is reliable.  Typically, stock garments have little to no minimums for ordering, so getting just a few pieces tend to never be an issue.  Although the custom stylish look is not normally available, employee uniform, employee uniforms with logosin-stock readily available garments can always be customized with logo application, even more so when they are unique logo placements.

So really, when it comes to ordering uniforms, you should weigh out the pros and cons.  If you are a casino and need to outfit 200+ employees in a casino uniform, it may better to order custom garments.  However, if you are a small mom and pop shop, in-stock readily available uniforms may be right up your alley.

Call one of our uniform specialists today to go over the options that are most suitable for your business! No order is too small (or too big).