Shake Up Your Casino Cocktail Uniforms

Casino Uniforms


Being the executive director of a casino, you know the importance of having your staff dressed appropriately at all times.  For the casino beverage and cocktail director, finding a beautiful balance between something professional and sultry can be quite the daunting task.  Your cocktail waitresses should be dressed to impress, yet hold themselves to a standard of class and professionalism at the exact same time.  Here are some key points you want to keep in mind when choosing your casino cocktail uniforms.

The overall look seems like a main focus when deciding on your cocktail waitresses uniforms, but there are other factors you may want to consider as well.  When it come to styling, pick more tailored garments.  Look for more tailored blouses and request shorter hems on skirts or shorts.  Find something that is both eye catching and unique to where your guests can easily recognize who they need to call for assistance.

However, keep in mind the fabric selection when you pick your cocktail waitress uniforms.  Since they will most likely be a more form fitting style, pick fabrics that have more stretch to the fabric or have some type of moisture wicking properties.  These types of fabric allow for form flexibility and puts less wear and tear on the garments.  The ladies will be able to look fabulous, but still have the forgiveness of the stretch fabric to move about freely during their shift.  There is nothing worse than wearing an uncomfortable form fitting garment that doesn’t allow for proper air flow.  Keep your ladies comfortable; they will thank you for it!

And lastly, cocktail uniforms are a custom made-to-order style uniform, which is both costly, require rather large minimums for production, and have long production time to finalize.  If at all possible, choose something that is readily available and in-stock.  You can always customize your look with uniquely placed logos and color trims.
Having a uniform option that is readily available will greatly help in last minute ordering.  Also keep in mind that fashion styles tend to disappear with each new trend.  So something fashionable that is available now may not be available next year; which leaves you in a position for searching for a new uniform ensemble in the following year.

As the director of the casino food and beverage department, there are other things you can be attending to.  Putting together a uniform should not be the forefront of your duties.  Let us help you put together a sultry look for your casino cocktail waitresses that will shake things up a bit!

Contact one of our knowledgeable uniform specialists to assist you in your new look for your casino uniforms.