Adding More “Ahh” To Your Casino Spa Uniforms

At your casino or resort, one of the highlights of your guests’ stay is when they visit your spa. There is almost nothing that can compare to a day at the spa. With that being said, your spa staff should be dress appropriately and should mirror the same wonderful experience that they are just about to receive. Imagine walking into an upscale day spa austin and the first thing you see is a wrinkled t-shirt and an unkempt employee. What do you think your guests will assume about your establishment if even the employee is not dressed to impress? Is this first impression going to set the tone for the overall spa experience? But now imagine walking to the front desk and seeing a well put together employee with a well put together spa uniform ensemble. It adds a bit of ahhhhh to your guests first impression at their upcoming spa experience.

The world of uniforms these days is always changing, and this is especially true for spa uniforms. But when picking uniforms for your spa staff, the director should keep a few key points in mind – style, functionality, and availability.

Of course an eye catching style is important for your casino spa uniforms.

You want something different, unique – something to set your spa aside from the rest.

Depending on your location or your overall theme, you may want to keep it in neutral tones to accentuate your Zen-like atmosphere. Or maybe you want to branch out to a colorful scheme to match your modern day casino atmosphere. Either way, you may come to find out that your guests remember, not only the massages and facials, but also the way the employees were dressed to impress.

But style is not the only thing you want to consider when ordering your uniforms. Functionality is important as well. There is absolutely no point in putting your staff into a uniform that doesn’t serve a purpose. If your masseuse cannot properly deliver an exceptional massage due to the constraints of their garment, there is no sense to have them in that particular uniform. So when deciding on a useful garment, it must be able to accommodate the needs of the wearer. Added stretch fabrics and moisture wicking properties are just a few key elements you may want to consider.

And lastly, the last two key elements for ordering your spa uniforms are nothing unless it is readily available to order. Availability is a huge factor when ordering ANY uniform. Custom cut uniforms, although beautifully styled, can take months to arrive and will most likely be more costly. In most cases, you want to have something available to you now, in-stock ready to go, just in case you have that new employee who needs to wear something right away. Not to mention, re-ordering the uniform. Why implement a standard uniform if it is only available to you for a few months. Yes, it is the stylish look you want, but styles
fade with the seasons most times and discontinued items are not the route you want to go for uniformity. When you find the style you like and test out the functionality of the uniform, you want to make sure that it is readily available to you so you can re-order it for years to come. A spa director does not have time to put together a brand new spa ensemble every year because items are no longer available to them. A spa director needs to focus more on running a casino day spa, not a fashion show.

Ordering uniforms for your spa staff shouldn’t be difficult. But it can be overwhelming considering the options that are out there for you. It takes a well educated uniform specialist to find the spa uniforms that have the functional style you like that is available to you for years to come. We are those educated uniform specialists. So, if you’re ready to add a bit more ahhh to your spa, do not hesitate to contact us for a FREE consultation.