How Low Can You Go? – The V-Neck Approach to Employee Uniforms

Oh the infamous V-Neck shirt.  How much we love (or hate) the v-neck style shirt.  But is this uniform style acceptable for your hotel front desk employee or your dental office receptionist employee?  Let’s explore this concept together to see if a v-neck style uniform garment should be considered for you employee uniforms.  Furthermore, let’s explore this concept from a woman’s point of view.

I, for one, am one of those women who HATE things around my neck.  Scarves? Maybe. Ties?  FORGET ABOUT IT.  Uniform blouses that are required to have the very top button buttoned – I QUIT! Not gonna do it.  So, for those women who are like me, the v-neck approach of an employee uniform is the second best thing to sliced bread.

I am very excited to see more and more uniform manufacturers introducing more v-neck style uniform garments, because I am definitely not the only one with an “around the neck shirt” type phobia.  But, with that being said, would a v-neck style uniform shirt be deemed appropriate for a classy, front desk uniform?

In most instances, yes, but that is dependent on the style of the blouse and the cut of the v-neck.  Many manufacturers these days are coming out with garments that have a very conservative v-neck style, which is great because it is low enough to be away from the neck, but high enough to still be considered appropriate for such a classy, upscale environment.  These blouses also tend to be more of a tailored style which includes princess seams and available in comfortable, easy care fabrics.

When a suitable v-neck blouse is paired with a nicely pressed pair of uniform slacks and a front desk uniform blazer, the ensemble can be very clean and pristine.  And to boot, your employee will not be completely annoyed with the fact that they are wearing a suffocating button up shirt.  The v-neck is quite lovely.  Pair it with a decently pattered scarf, and you’ve got a killer look.

But do not think that v-neck style uniform shirts are limited to the front desk.  More and more restaurant servers are moving away from the white long sleeve shirt and black tie look.  I am witnessing more restaurant owners switching their women into these v-neck style shirts.  Bartenders are switching to these shirts as well.  Depending on the environment of the establishment, sometimes it is acceptable to unbutton a few buttons to accentuate the v-neck.  It is all dependent on the look you are going for.

So, what do you say? Are you bold enough to try the v-neck approach?  I would say that you would be pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the look can turn out to be.  Contact one of our uniform specialists today to see which v-neck style shirt would be best for your hotel uniforms, casino uniforms, and restaurant uniforms.