For Your Employee Uniform Ideas – Clothes Do, Indeed, Make the Man, Woman, or Employee

It was Shakespeare who said “clothes maketh the man” in the play Hamlet, but he can’t claim to be the originator of the expression because the ancient Greeks had “the garment makes the man”, while in England “apparel makes the man” turned up in the 16th century – 100 years before good old Will got writing.

Employee Uniform Ideas

There was also another expression around the time of Shakespeare in England “the taylor makes the man”.

Whatever. They were all right. It is how a man – or woman or employee – appears to others that is important as regards their opinions of them, and most of our bodies are covered in clothes for most of the time so the clothes themselves are important. Think about it: while a tramp is no less important a person than anyone else, he is looked down upon by many because of his dress.

If you want to exude professionalism to your customers this is why your employee uniforms must be nothing short of fantastic. Whatever sort of business you own, whether it’s a restaurant, a dentist’s, a hardware store, an auto repair shop, or anything else where your staff come into contact with your customers on a day to day basis, it is critical that your employee uniforms are nothing short of top quality.

A Brand is Made of Many Things, Including Employee Uniforms

Uniforms do a number of things. They provide your business with a brand, because your staff is working as a team, and your customers can see that. That of itself produces confidence in your customers that they are getting first class service. However, it also produces confidence in your employees because when they step into their uniforms in the morning they, too, feel that they are part of a team working together, and that engenders good old “team spirit”. Each will work that much harder because they don’t want to let the others down.

This is why you need all your staff in employee uniforms. Yes, if you run a restaurant your customers will never come into contact with your chef or kitchen staff. They will only see your front of house wait staff and bar staff. And possibly your good self in a smart dress suit – but that is still a uniform because it is different from what the customers are wearing and also shows that you are part of the team – in this case the team leader. But having the kitchen staff in uniforms, with the chef in a “team leader’s” uniform does wonders for their morale and for the chef’s too.

So, yes, uniforms are a vital part of your business and critical to your success.

Sorry Will, but it’s “uniforms maketh the employee!”