The Perception of a Great Restaurant Begins with the Uniforms

Serving up a fancy drink and charging $10 for it is an art in persuasion itself. People could go home and probably make that same drink for a couple of dollars. Bar uniform ideas.If you run a bar, or have a bar in your restaurant or hotel, you need to realize that it is the perception that is important. People will pay premium prices if they are in a bar which “looks the part”, and that includes your bar staff too.

Bar staff work under pressure. They have to work fast, have a great memory, and entertain your guests all at the same time so they need to have a comfortable and great uniform which is easy to work in and at the same time is really slick and smart.

We Have Some Great Ideas For Bar Uniforms

At Uniform Solutions For You we have some great bar uniform ideas. Of course, bar staff uniforms should reflect the theme of your bar. It might be very formal, in which case you might consider white shirts with a black waistcoat and bow tie, or it could be much more relaxed and easy going with something like a Wild West theme, in which case your bar staff uniforms could take that into account. You might also have a particular color scheme in your bar or restaurant, and your bar staff could have uniforms in the same color which would keep everything, well, uniform! OK, maybe that was a little tongue in cheek, but then again, as bar uniform ideas go, it is quite a good consideration.

Another thing that you might well want to consider is having your logo on your bar staff uniform and we can, of course, arrange that. We can also supply you with some samples and we can help in sizing your employees as well.

At Uniform Solutions For You we have a network of over 200 manufacturers who between them can supply a wide range of exciting uniforms in both contemporary and more traditional styles. No doubt you will have some bar uniform ideas of your own and we are more than happy to sit down and have a brainstorming session with you in order to insure that you get exactly the right uniforms to complement your bar.

Yes, people will cheerfully pay $10 for that $2 drink to sit in a bar which has the right ambience and makes them feel comfortable, and where they can chat to bar staff who are all obviously part of a team as they all wear the same uniform.