Wanna See? – The Importance of Samples

You have your employee uniform concept ready and outlined. But before you move forward, are you hesitant to put an order through because frankly, you’re unsure of how it’s all going to pan out. Are the cocktail uniform shirts quality going to be up to par? Is the color of your casino dealers uniform shirts really the right hue of blue? How is the fit? Will they even fit?  This is where samples come in handy! And this is where we step in and give you a hand.

At Uniform Solutions for You, we understand that sometimes you just gotta see the products. This is why we offer FREE samples for our customers consideration.  One must have to make sure that the uniform garments are the quality you want, the color you need, and the fit you desire. Simply seeing a picture in a catalog or viewing it on your computer screen sometimes just won’t cut it.  How awful would it be for you to commit to a uniform program and then realizing that once it is in your hands, you absolutely hate it? By asking for uniform samples, you can eliminate this nightmare completely.

Many large, corporate, online uniform suppliers offer samples but you have to jump through hoops, give your social security number, a lock of your hair for DNA sampling, and your first born to attain these samples.  It really shouldn’t be that difficult to obtain a restaurant shirt sample.  This is how we are different.  We don’t need all of that…we don’t want any of that!  We simply want to make sure that you have the opportunity to physically evaluate the products. So we ask for the bare minimums! BAM! No sweat!

Having uniform garment samples to evaluate takes the guess work out of everything. It helps with solidifying (or eliminating) certain elements of your uniform program.  AND, after you decide on a look, we offer you FREE SIZING RUNS – a range of sizes of the garments you are considering so you can easily (and properly) fit your employees.

Doctoring up a uniform program shouldn’t be difficult. But it can be! And that is why we are here to help guide you into this process.  At Uniform Solutions For You, we try to make things as seamless as possible.

Leave it to us to handle the uniform stresses so that you can focus on the more important aspects of your business!


Contact us today to start up a employee uniform program or to check out a few samples of uniform garments you have been considering!