We Have Great Ideas For Uniforms For Your Restaurant Employees

Running a restaurant, especially if you are the chef as well as the owner, can be a job where you put in more hours than almost any other. Uniforms for front of house restaurant staff.You may be up early in the morning going to market, and then you have to cook lunch if your restaurant offers that. During the afternoon you deal with all your admin, and then it’s time to open again for dinner. Once your last guest has left, you have to clear up, then you get a few hours sleep and start all over again. It is not an easy life.

Of course, the most important feature of your restaurant is your food and you may have a great reputation for that, but you also need your front of house staff to impress, and that means having them wear smart matching uniforms. At Uniform Solutions For You we have some great ideas for restaurant uniforms because we do supply a huge number of restaurants.

Wait staff, especially, have a lot of contact with your guests, taking their orders, advising them about individual dishes, and then serving them with perhaps several courses, so even a new guest visiting for the first time will get to know your waiters or waitresses fairly well over the course of a couple of hours. We can help you with some of our ideas for restaurant uniforms to make your wait staff stand out and look different from the run of the mill.

Maitre D’

Depending on your restaurant, you may also employ a maitre d’, and obviously he will need to stand out. Although wearing a uniform like everyone else, it needs to make him appear that his position is important, which of course it is, but this needs to be subtle and not have him standing out like a sore thumb. So his uniform has to be a little different from the other wait staff, so that guests recognize his position and know that they can call on him if they have any problems or questions.

We also have a lot of ideas for restaurant uniforms for your kitchen staff. As you know only too well, the atmosphere in a kitchen can get pretty hot, so you need kitchen staff uniforms that are breathable, and also, of course, easy to clean. Working in a kitchen, there are always going to be spills.

We supply restaurant staff uniforms to a very large number of restaurants. We have access to over 200 manufacturers of restaurant uniforms and have a lot of ideas that will help to make your restaurant stand out. Call us on 800-223-8550 and we will be delighted to help you make your restaurant the best in town.