Not Many People Wear Suits and Ties, But Many Do Wear Uniforms

Americans don’t like to dress up. Few wear suits and ties anymore. “Casual dining”, not surprisingly, is the growth sector in restaurants. But you, as the owner, need a uniform strategy that’s both casual and consistent. And that’s where we come in at Uniform Solutions For You because we can provide you with lots of casual restaurant uniform ideas. Casual restaurant uniforms.

When you own a restaurant, or perhaps several restaurants, you can’t have your front of house staff turning up for work in any old thing which happens to suit them. You need them to look smart and you need them to look as though they are a part of a team. Sure, they ARE part of a team, but they have to look as though they are.

That’s why you need to have them all wearing the same, or similar, uniforms. All right, they don’t have to look like the White House Honor Guard, but nonetheless they need to look smart, even if casual. This is where we can help because our creative team has tons of ideas for uniforms that will make your staff stand out from the crowd. It is what we do.

We Don’t Make Uniforms!

What we don’t do is actually make uniforms ourselves. You might find that surprising, but our job is to bring you the very best uniforms that you can get in the US for your wait staff, bar staff, and kitchen staff, and to that end we partner with some 200 manufacturing companies. We create the casual restaurant uniform ideas for you and then when you are happy with them, we select the most appropriate manufacturer to make them for you.

We sit down and brainstorm ideas with you which will depend largely on the theme of your restaurant. So if you own a Chinese restaurant, for instance, the ideas that we come up with will be very different from those we would think of for a French restaurant or Italian restaurant or Mexican restaurant.

The most important thing with casual restaurant uniform ideas is to ensure that your restaurant stands out from those of your competitors. There is a LOT of competition in the restaurant trade, so you need your staff to wear uniforms which tell your customers how great your restaurant is. OK, your food has to be beyond reproach, but the way that you serve it all adds to the overall ambience of your business and the customers’ enjoyment. If they love your restaurant they will come back for more, so you need to do everything you can to ensure that they do, and the appearance of your staff counts for a lot.