Leader in Employee Uniforms Online, Uniform Solutions Announces New Post on Restaurant Uniforms for Employees and Rationality

Santa Rosa, California – February 28, 2017. Uniform Solutions, a top-rated employee uniform company, is proud to announce a lively blog post on human rationality (and irrationality) and the connection to employee uniforms, especially in the restaurant industry. employee uniformsThe company uses its blog to highlight questions of interest to employers and managers in various industries and the connection that vibrant employee uniforms can make to higher profitability.

“Dan Ariely’s 2008 book ‘Predictably Irrational’ is a now-standard read in the marketing industry, including restaurants and other small businesses that utilize employee uniforms,” explained Bruce Bagley, Manager of Uniform Solutions for You. “Our current blog post takes some of the concepts proposed by Mr. Ariely and connects them to employee uniforms, in general, and restaurant employee uniforms in particular. It makes a fun, quick, informative read for anyone in the marketing department.”

To view the informative blog post, visit the company website on employee uniforms in the restaurant industry. Interested parties are also urged to visit the page specific to restaurant uniforms. Companies with ten or more employees can request zero cost uniform samples, after working with an employee uniform consultant, via the website.

Employee Uniforms and Restaurant Sales: The Hidden Connection

Marketers know that human beings can be “predictably irrational.” An expensive restaurant conveys its value through its ambiance, everything ranging from the lighting to the furniture to the napkins to the waiters, waitresses, and other staff. Indeed, the employee uniforms themselves can either convey a high-end restaurant or a low-end diner. It all depends on what needs to be accomplished. That said, however, human psychology is not a linear equation. A restaurant that looks “too expensive” can hurt itself if it is attempting to go after “value consumers,” while one that is “too cheap” can be unable to charge premium prices for its food. Among the attributes of restaurant ambiance that a smart business owner or marketing manager will seek to optimize are the employee uniforms. By correctly calibrating the employee uniform choices with the desired brand effect, a smart (and lucky) marketing manager can maximize restaurant sales and profitability. Marketing, in summary, is a key element of the road to profitability in the restaurant industry. If you wanted to learn more about marketing a restaurant consider the question what is small business? A friend told me that Salesforce can define this and give insight into how it could help your restaurant.

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Uniform Solutions for You is a division of Santa Rosa Uniform & Career Apparel, Inc. The division focuses on online sales of employee uniforms in key industries: restaurant, hotel, and casino. The website has a unique consultation request feature, wherein interested parties can reach out to a human uniform idea consultant to brainstorm employee uniform ideas.

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