Need Uniform Ideas for Your Employees? Our Idea Consultants Can Help

At Uniform Solutions For You we have a lot of great ideas for uniform designs, as we are hotel uniform suppliers of long standing. Believe it or not, we don’t actually manufacture uniforms. We have partnerships with some 200 manufacturing companies whom we use on a selective basis depending on the sort of uniforms our customers need.We have great ideas for hotel uniforms. In fact, because we provide these manufacturers with so much business, it means they give us rock bottom prices, which in turn means that we can supply you for less.

No, we are hotel uniform SUPPLIERS as opposed to manufacturers, and the job of our team is to brainstorm ideas with you and come up with ideas to bring your hotel staff into the 21st century. Let’s face it, your guests have contact with all of your staff except back of house staff, so it is necessary – no, essential – that they look sharp and look part of a team. That will impress your guests, and impressed guests are more likely to book with you again on their next visit. Everybody wants repeat business and having a team that looks sharp is one way to get it. In fact, whatever business you are in, repeat business is always easier, or should be, than getting new customers.

We Have GREAT Ideas for Employee Uniforms

You may have some ideas of your own, or you may even know exactly what you want. However, our experience is that most business owners don’t know what they want other than that they want their team to look smart. That’s fine, because we have been in business as hotel uniform suppliers for a quarter of a century and we have some really GREAT ideas for hotel uniforms.

The first thing that your guests see is your commissionaire, if you have one, and your front desk staff. Their uniforms have to be ultra-smart because, as the old saying goes, you only have one chance to make a great first impression, and it is very true.

Then there are your wait staff. Their uniforms, although maybe very different from front desk staff, still need to look great and yet they have to be practical also. You will probably want materials that are stain resistant and can be wiped down easily in the event of spills, which are only natural in that environment.

Your bar staff may need to be in the same uniforms as your wait staff, or you may want them in something different in order to distinguish them. You also need to consider your maids, who do meet guests, and your kitchen staff, who don’t. No matter, talk to us and we will brainstorm ideas with you so that your team looks like a team and is impeccable.