Hotel Quality Starts with Hotel Uniforms Purchased Online

Humans have better ideas than computers

The popularity of Airbnb has expanded at an astonishing rate in the eight years since it began. Commencing in 2009, Airbnb found places to stay for 21,000 visitors that year. Today it helps six million visitors a year, and lists an amazing 800,000 properties across 34 different countries!Hotel Uniforms Online

When you run a hotel, the one thing you are not going to be able to do is to compete with Airbnb on price. Instead, you have to emphasize the quality and service that you offer, which is why it comes as no surprise that some hotels are looking into something like PMS software to help improve their guest’s experience.
Airbnb certainly does not offer any service, since when a guest arrives at the accommodation it is all self-service, whereas at your hotel you do everything for your guests right down to cleaning their shoes in many instances.

Your hotel staff also has to look the part, and that means hotel staff uniforms for everyone from the front desk to the kitchen staff. At Uniform Solutions For You we have a myriad hotel uniform ideas because we have been supplying hoteliers with them since 1992.

Front Desk Employees Need Hotel Uniforms

One of the most important uniforms is that of front desk employees. First impressions count for a lot, and your front desk staff are the people that your guests will see first (possibly after your doorman, if you employ one). It follows that their hotel uniforms need to be nothing short of superlative, and this is where we can help. Our team has many hotel uniform ideas for front desk employees and can assist you in designing a uniform that will impress your guests and instantly make them feel at home and wanted, which is the sort of reaction that you need to create.

If you do have a doorman we also have many ideas for his uniform. A military style with a cap and lots of gold braid always goes down well, although we have other suggestions also.

Footmen And Wait Staff Need Hotel Uniforms

If you have footmen then they will also need uniforms, and of course your wait staff need them too. For wait staff, uniforms can range from very formal to more casual, depending on the air you want to create in your restaurant.

Those of your guests who like a drink or two (which in this day and age is most of them) will visit your bar, so your bartenders also need a uniform. For these employees, many hoteliers tend to opt for a smart shirt and waistcoat.

In addition, you need uniforms for your maids, since your guests will often meet them, and also for your kitchen staff – even though they are back of house and guests will not see them. Providing them with uniforms will help to make them feel a part of the team, even if they are only washing the dishes.

We have a huge amount of hotel uniform ideas, having been supplying them for 25 years, so please do get in touch and ask for our assistance. We are always here and ready to help.