You Need A Hotel Uniform Company With Creative Consultants

Whether you run a small bed and breakfast or a chain of hotels one of the most vital elements is the appearance of your staff. Hotel uniform companyHaving your staff dressed in suitable uniforms gives a welcoming appearance and a professional atmosphere for your guests and is something that they will remember the next time they want to visit your city.

At Uniform Solutions For You we are a family-run hotel uniform company and have been supplying uniforms for hotel staff for over 25 years. We don’t manufacture uniforms ourselves, as we are a factory direct distributor and we partner with over 200 manufacturers which enables us to have access to a huge range of designs and fabrics and at the same time pass on great cost savings to our customers, while we use our expertise in creative design to come up with brilliant ideas for your hotel staff uniforms.

The simple fact is that, while you want your staff to look great, you don’t want them to look the same as the hotel down the road. You want them to stand out and be remembered.

Different Staff Levels Require Different Uniforms

At the same time, different levels of staff will require different uniforms, as you don’t need your maids and cleaning staff to wear a suit, which you might want for your front desk staff.

While mentioning front desk staff, there is an old saying that you only get one chance to make a great first impression and it is very true. As a hotel uniform company, we know that your front desk staff really do have to look sharp and smartly dressed. The way your front desk staff appear tells your guests what sort of an establishment you are, and they will get an instant feel about how they are going to enjoy their stay. If you are a large hotel and you have a doorman, that applies to him as well, although the doorman will often have a military looking uniform, even though he may not have been in the military. As a hotel uniform company, we have some great ideas for uniforms for doormen and for front desk staff too.

Of course, your dining staff – waiters and waitresses – interact considerably with your guests, and they need to have uniforms which not only stand out but are practical for the job they have to do.

Another important area for uniforms is your back of house staff. Your head chef needs a uniform which denotes his position, but all the other kitchen staff need uniforms too as they have to work together as a team, and their uniforms will help considerably to their feeling of belonging to a team.