Choosing a Uniform Supply Company

Employee Uniform Supply Company

For many businesses such as restaurants, bars, hotels or even coffee shops, there is almost nothing as important as the way that your employees treat customers. Take a major brand like Starbucks, and you can just marvel at how – in general – their employees greet customers in a friendly way, and work under pressure to deliver coffee to harried customers during the “morning rush.” Uniform Supply CompanyNothing can seem as difficult as getting caffeine to people who want their morning fix in a timely fashion, delivered perfectly and with a smile! But as a uniform supply company, ourselves, let us draw your attention to another feature of Starbucks: it’s employee uniforms, and specifically the green aprons. Starbucks strikes a balance between allowing employees 100% individuality and having the conformity and look necessary to convey that this is a great brand.

Are You in Charge of Your Employee Uniforms?

You, as a small business owner or the person in charge of employee uniforms, should think about your own brand and your own employee uniforms and figure out how to strike that balance as well. You should also think about how your employees feel. Research has shown that they work harder if they are in comfortable clothes so don’t cheap out on quality and leave them with itchy clothes to wear. You should want to promote better productivity through what they wear so you might even suggest that they look at this article on the precautions they should take if they’re on their feet all day. By showing you think about these things, you’ll be able to retain more loyal employees. Which brings us to selecting a uniform supply company. Because uniforms are a physical product, you might be tempted to hop in your car (especially if you are in a large urban area like Los Angeles or New York City) and try to visit employee uniform suppliers in your city or region. That’s helpful because you can “touch” and “see” potential employee uniforms. However, because this is such a specialized business, no real-world employee uniform supplier is going to have the floorspace to show you everything. They can only show you a small portion. And, to be honest, often times the retail workers that man the floor aren’t very well paid, or well trained. The model is more like shopping for clothes at WalMart or Target. They have low prices – yes, but they don’t have great service, especially when you’re doing something more complex than just buying some uniforms. You need an “idea consultant,” that is someone who knows the uniform business and can help you brainstorm employee uniform ideas.

We Do Online Employee Uniforms as the #1 Supplier

That’s where we come in. Our value proposition isn’t just that we have the largest inventory of employee uniforms (we do) online… but rather that our employee uniform idea consultants will work with you to identify and select a look and feel for your employees that – like Starbucks – strikes a balance between the need for comfort and individuality and the need for a uniform look. It’s not easy until you get it right, and when you get employee uniforms right as Starbucks does… people don’t notice it. They don’t notice employee uniforms if they’re working, but both customers and employees sure notice uniforms when they don’t. Employees don’t like uniforms that don’t feel good, and customers notice when the employee uniforms look cheap or aren’t washed properly.

So, among our tips for you when choosing an employee uniform supply company isn’t to “think local” but rather to “think ideas.” An online uniform supplier like ourselves may be more able to give you both selection and the kind of idea tips that will help you more than that drive across town. Reach out to us today to speak with an online employee uniform idea consultant!