Do You Own A Casino? We Can Help Your Brand With Casino Uniforms

Casino Uniforms

Regardless of whether your like a Las Vegas Casino or a Kuwait Casino, as a casino uniform supplier of over 25 years standing we can help your business grow by providing uniforms for all your front of house staff, and even kitchen staff.Casino Uniforms

It’s a fact that if you want to encourage high rollers to play in your casino, your employees have to look the part. That means nothing short of top class – anything less will not do. It has to exude wealth, professionalism, and above all QUALITY because you have to provide players with the confidence that, should they win – and win big – you will pay them out instantly with a smile on your face. (You might not be smiling inside, but there has to be one on your face!).

Uniform Solutions For You is a casino uniform supplier par excellence, and our design team can create the perfect uniforms for your staff. All the floor staff –dealers, pit bosses, supervisors, chip runners, and cage cashiers – need to look like a million dollars and we can help you to achieve that effect – without it costing an arm and a leg.

Bartenders And Cocktail Servers

Of course, some of the employees that any casino player sees most often are your bartenders and cocktail servers. Many players can get through quite a number of drinks during the course of an evening, and will frequently be going up to the bar or having drinks brought to them at the table. Your cocktail servers and bartenders also need to look the part so they will all be required to dress appropriately in similar uniforms that identify them to players and add to the overall air of quality and friendliness that you wish to promote.

Security men are also best dressed in uniforms so that they are easily identifiable in a crowded casino. We have many suggestions for appropriate uniforms for security men that will let them merge into the background when all is quiet, but make them instantly recognizable when the occasion arises.

As the leading online casino uniform supplier in the US we also have plenty of ideas for your back of house staff. If you’re a mobile casino, you may still want to have a few offices so a uniform would still be a great investment! Your kitchen staff doesn’t appear front of house, but nonetheless fitting them out with matching uniforms helps to make them feel that they are part of a team, rather than just a dishwasher for instance. Your Executive Chef will want a uniform that singles him out as the senior man in the kitchen and as the one who gives the orders, and we have many ideas for someone in that position.

Talk to us for all your casino staff uniform requirements. You’ll find us friendly, helpful, and above all knowledgeable when it comes to casino uniforms