Buying Vs. Renting Restaurant Uniforms

Are you considering putting your restaurant employees in a uniform? Before you commit to a rental agreement, here are some reasons why buying uniforms outright is a better choice.

In this day and age finding the most affordable solution to outfitting your restaurant employees is the way to go. Some companies have rental agreements that appears to be cheaper on the forefront, but ends up being more expensive in the long run.

Here are some key points as to why buying your restaurant employee uniforms outright is better than renting restaurant employee uniforms:

Contracts: All rental agreements are contracts – typically lasting for long periods of time. It’s just like a cell phone. With that being said, the headaches are just as bad as cell phone contract headaches. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the garments or the service, you are stuck in a contract for at least two, maybe even five, years. And, just like a cell phone, if one decides to cancel the contract, there is a hefty fine to pay. When one buys outright, there are no contracts to be made. If service is not up to par, you are not obligated to use the company again. You are free to search for your restaurant uniforms elsewhere. Using cleaning services on bought uniforms from services like will be much cheaper than having your rented uniforms cleaned with the rental dry cleaning service.

Costly Services: With the contract, there are typically services tacked on. The most popular of these, are the cleaning and pressing of the restaurant uniforms. However, with these services, there are usually stipulations. For example, you signed up for dry cleaning for 25 restaurant uniform shirts. But some of your employees would rather have their employee uniforms cleaned at home because their skin is sensitive to the harshness of the chemicals used in dry cleaning. As a result, only 15 of your items need to be dry cleaned. In most instances, you will still have to pay for the dry cleaning of the 25 uniforms regardless of how many are really being cleaned. This service will add up, especially since you will be stuck in a five year contract.

Click the graph below to see some comparative figures for renting versus purchasing the restaurant employee uniforms outright:



Replacement of Uniforms: Keeping on the thought of dry cleaning, imagine how many times this type of service is being done. With dry cleaning, harsh chemicals are used, which then deteriorates the life of the uniform garment quicker. Because of the constant industrial washes, replacing the employee uniforms will be more apparent. Again, a more costly outcome because now you are having to replace the uniform while still having to pay for the service. When one buys employee restaurant uniforms outright, the cleaning is the responsibility of the employee. Wash and wear, at home washing, is less harsh on the garment, thus having a longer shelf life. This type of low maintenance allows for less need to replace restaurant employee uniforms. Check out some of our low-maintenance restaurant uniform shirts with stain release properties.


Still not convinced? Contact one of our uniform specialists to help give you more of an idea of why buying your restaurant employee uniforms outright is a better decision. No one likes to be stuck in a contract that they hate, and EVERYONE hates to have to pay for something they done want. Let us help you settle upon a uniform program that is both cost efficient and completely suitable to your all of your restaurant uniform needs.


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