The BEST Way To Buy Staff Uniforms For Your Business Is Online

Uniforms for front of house restaurant staff.

When you are in the restaurant business, whether you own a single outlet or a small chain, one of the most vital things that you need to promote is your brand. What is it that makes YOUR pizza restaurant different from the one down the street?Buying staff uniforms online

You can take a tip from McDonalds here. It has over 375,000 employees in the US alone, but whenever you walk into a McDonalds, whether it’s in Key West, Florida, or Boise, Idaho, every member of staff is dressed in the same uniform. McDonalds is a huge brand and you recognise it instantly wherever you go. You can do the same thing with your restaurant by having your staff dressed in a uniform which is unique to you and makes your brand recognizable compared to the restaurant down the street.

Some restaurateurs go to the big companies such as Aramark or Cintas in order to rent their uniforms, but the problem with these big boys is that they tie you in to long contracts and over time you are going to be paying a considerable amount more than if you buy your staff uniforms.

When you buy your staff uniforms they are yours, so you are not paying month in and month out to rent. Certainly, you have to pay for cleaning, but of course you pay for it when you rent for the simple reason that it is factored in to your monthly fee. In fact, the way that companies such as Cintas factor in cleaning charges may well mean that you are paying more for it than if you were to use a cleaning firm. All in all, you will save a considerable amount of money if you buy rather than rent.

What Is The Best Way To Buy Employee Uniforms Online?

So what’s the best way to buy uniforms? The short answer is to buy restaurant uniforms online as well as other types of employee uniforms online because that way you will have a far wider choice than going to a brick and mortar store. Buying restaurant uniforms online is also far less expensive than a brick and mortar store for the simple reason that an online supplier such as ourselves has none of the overheads of a physical store, so it means that we can pass the savings on to you. A wider choice for less – what could be better?

At Uniform Solutions For You, we are a family run business and have been supplying restaurant uniforms online for 25 years. We represent over 200 different manufacturers the length and breadth of the US and our clients include many small businesses, restaurants, casinos, hotels, resorts, hospitals, transport companies, and federal and state agencies as well. We supply samples so that you can examine the quality of our uniforms, and our online staff is here to help you with your choice of design. Click on the Contact Us link on the left to discuss your requirements.