Uniform Solutions for You Announces Revision to Restaurant Uniforms Informational Page

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Santa Rosa, California – April 27, 2016. Uniform Solutions for You, a top supplier of restaurant uniforms as well as other employee uniforms online, has rewritten and revised the company’s informational page on restaurant uniforms for employees. The page has been updated with new content, simpler navigation, and restaurant staff uniform ideas more pertinent to Spring, 2016.

“Sometimes choosing the right restaurant uniforms can be a difficult project. Managers know it’s important to match the staff attire with a certain brand and customer experience,” commented Bruce Bagley, Manager of Uniform Solutions for You. “Browsing for restaurant unfiorm ideas should be easy and fun, so we’ve revised our restaurant uniforms page to simplify that brainstorming process.”

To review the newly rewritten page for restaurant uniforms, please visit our restaurant uniform page online.
Information about uniforms for waiters, bartenders and back of the house staff is available for review in this newer, more up-to-date format.

Browsing Restaurant Uniform Ideas is Simple with a New User-Friendly Page

The search for the right restaurant uniforms may be a daunting task for managers or employers, during their busy days. Whether it is searching for uniforms for waiters at the front of the house, or

Restaurant Uniforms

Restaurant Uniforms

chef’s coats in the kitchen, the style must match the vision of the establishment. Brand identity, after all, needs to reflect Spring, 2016, not Summer, 2013. A manager may have a checklist of certain uniform ideas to review and become lost while browsing a website. Choosing uniforms can become confusing if the uniform idea website is difficult to navigate.

For these reasons, Uniform Solutions for You has recently revised its informational page on restaurant uniforms to provide an easier browsing experience. Restaurant managers and owners can review restaurant uniforms by position or by product. Positions include: uniforms for waiters, bartenders, cocktail servers and kitchen staff. Restaurant uniform products include: aprons, bartender vests, waiter shirts and chef’s coats. Simple navigation for the best uniforms for waiters can make choosing the right staff attire an easy experience.

About Uniform Solutions for You

Uniform Solutions for You is a division of Santa Rosa Uniform & Career Apparel, Inc. The division focuses on online sales of employee uniforms in key industries: restaurant, hotel, and casino. Clothing includes: Uniforms for waiters, bartenders, cocktail servers and cooking staff. Uniform searches may be broken down into categories such as; aprons, vests, server shirts, maid uniforms and kitchen apparel. The website has a unique consultation request feature, wherein interested parties can reach out to a human uniform idea consultant to brainstorm employee uniform ideas.

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