Our Expert Team of Consultants can Help Brainstorm Uniform Ideas

Some hoteliers know exactly what they want when it comes to uniforms for their staff, but as hotel uniform suppliers we can tell you that those sort of businessmen and women are few and far between. Hotel uniform suppliers.The fact is that when you are searching for staff uniforms you want your staff to stand out and look classy, while at the same time you want their uniforms to be practical for the job they have to do, and you want them to be able to be cleaned easily. Furthermore, you may have no real idea at all of how you want your staff to appear to your guests, but just a vague kind of feeling that you want them to look “sharp”.

At Uniform Solutions For You we have been hotel uniform suppliers for over 25 years, and our team has a LOT of experience in the design and appearance of hotel uniforms for all levels of staff. True, you want your front of house staff who interact with your guests to look sharp because you want your guests to be impressed. That is the sort of thing that makes them book your hotel again when they next visit.

Your Back Of House Team Needs Uniforms Too

However, you also need your back of house team to look sharp as well. When you have your kitchen staff dressed in appropriate uniforms they will feel that they, too, are a part of the team even if they don’t deal directly with the guests, and that will have the psychological effect of making them work better. Trust us, as hotel uniform suppliers we know what works and what doesn’t.

At Uniform Solutions For You we do not manufacture uniforms. We come up with ideas that will make your staff stand out and look different from the run of the mill uniforms that other hotel staff wear, as our speciality is being creative. We come up with imaginative ideas, and then those ideas can be turned into physical uniforms by one of the 200 or so manufacturing companies with whom we partner. This saves you money too, because since we place so much business with our partners, they give us rock bottom prices, and we can pass those savings on to our own customers in turn. We can also provide you with samples and we can help you with sizing up your team. What’s more, we can put your logo on any item of apparel that you wish, and we offer FREE logo set up on all orders of 24 pieces or more.

Your consultations with our uniform experts are free too, and you will talk to an actual representative who can brainstorm ideas with you to insure that your hotel uniforms are something extra-ordinary.